The Andy Coolman Heaven on Earth Band

We are bringing together a group of the greatest and mostly unheralded musicians from Montreal, to form what will be one of the most special bands in history - The Andy Coolman Heaven on Earth Band.  

The planned members of The Andy Coolman Heaven on Earth Band include the following:


Andy Coolman Eickhoff - Lead Guitar
Here are some of the orignal songs for the band:
Heaven's Harmony.pdf Heaven's Harmony.pdf
Size : 37.004 Kb
Type : pdf
Echoes of Unity.pdf Echoes of Unity.pdf
Size : 27.545 Kb
Type : pdf
Eternal Radiance.pdf Eternal Radiance.pdf
Size : 30.323 Kb
Type : pdf
Unified Hearts.pdf Unified Hearts.pdf
Size : 27.753 Kb
Type : pdf
Rocky Mountain Harmony.pdf Rocky Mountain Harmony.pdf
Size : 29.669 Kb
Type : pdf
Montreal Serenade.pdf Montreal Serenade.pdf
Size : 28.226 Kb
Type : pdf
Echoes of Harmony.pdf Echoes of Harmony.pdf
Size : 29.023 Kb
Type : pdf
Enchanted Earth.pdf Enchanted Earth.pdf
Size : 27.534 Kb
Type : pdf
Harmony's Anthem.pdf Harmony's Anthem.pdf
Size : 28.927 Kb
Type : pdf
Harmony's Promise.pdf Harmony's Promise.pdf
Size : 32.691 Kb
Type : pdf
The Nu Dream.pdf The Nu Dream.pdf
Size : 31.279 Kb
Type : pdf
Love Of My Life.pdf Love Of My Life.pdf
Size : 29.076 Kb
Type : pdf
Nick Valli - Lead Vocals
Shane Murphy - Vocals & Guitar
Leon Maliniak - Keyboard
Bruce Kert - Bass Guitar
Irem Bekter (Quintet) - Vocals, backup instumentals (drums...)
John Jordan - Saxophone

Track 1 Instrumental Blues by Andy Coolman.mp3

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